Monday, October 5, 2020

Need to work on new stuff...

Over the past few weeks I've kind of slacked off on creating new graphics and updating my two Etsy stores, A Family Affair Boutique and The Purple Gnome Studio.  The main reason for this was switching my photography site from one host to another.  Now that I have finally got the transfer finished to my satisfaction, I plan on more on the aforementioned shops.  

Want to know what these shops offer?  A Family Affair Boutique offers t-shirts customized with graphics created from heat transfer vinyl.  Don't want a t-shirt?  Any design we offer can also be put sweatshirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts and youth shirts.  This particular shop has been open since July 2017.

The Purple Gnome Studio, open since February 2020, offers shirts with sublimation designs.  This is a form of ink heat pressed onto a shirt.  We hope to add individual sublimation designs for those who want to do their own pressing.

Please visit us both here and at our stores as often as you like.  We really do appreciate the visits and any business/references you throw our way.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Christmas in July...

If you're looking for fonts and/or svg designs, click on the link below.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Grand opening...

We have opened up our newest Etsy store today. As time go by, more designs and categories will be added. Below are some of the shirts we have to offer now.  You can click on each picture, which will open up in another tab.  For more information visit The Purple Gnome Studio today.